Reduce energy costs with lighting dimmers and sensors

Another great way to reduce energy cost is with lighting dimmers. Lutron has released a whole line of eco-home dimmers, occupancy/vacancy sensors and timers. These energy saving products are designed with one thing in mind…..squeezing every bit of waste out of your home lighting needs. The eco dimmers are designed to cut back on energy usage at least 15 percent by limiting maximum light output to 85 percent.

Occupancy sensors can further help reduce your electricity usage by automatically shutting off lights in a room that is not occupied. I have one of these installed in the walk in closet in my Master Bedroom. It turns on the lights when I enter and turns them off when I leave. Sure, you can do this the old fashion way by flipping a switch but what if you forget, or get distracted and walk away with the lights still on? I certainly have done so many times before but now the occupancy sensor handles this without input from me. I also have one in the laundry room directly across from the door to my garage. It’s so nice to come into the room from the garage and have the lights automatically come on…..especially if it’s after dark and I have my hands full of grocery sacks.

Vacancy sensors are also a great way to reduce energy waste. My son’s are typical boys. They often leave their rooms without turning off the lights. Fortunately I’ve resolved this problem by installing vacancy sensors in place of their old fashion toggle switches. Now, when the are not in the room, the sensor turns off the lights for them. When they re-enter they simply press the switch on the sensor to turn the lights back on.

These devices are designed to take the place of existing wall mounted switches and are not difficult or time consuming to install. Let us know if you would like more info on these products.

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