How much does it cost to leave the lights on?

Ever wonder how much it really cost you to leave the light on? If, like me, you want to know then here is a great energy expense calculator to help you figure out the answer to this question as well as what it really cost to run other common electrical appliances. Electricity Calculator

As a reference, electrical cost here in the Bozeman area currently run about .08 cent per KWH. You can find out your cost per KWH by looking at your electrical bill or contacting your utility company.

With so much new and energy efficient products now available it’s great to use a calculator such as this one to see exactly what you spend now vs what you might spend if you change to a more energy efficient alternative. Once armed with this info and the cost of the energy efficient product you can quickly calculate how long your payback will be.

For instance, if I were to be considering swapping out a standard 6 inch recessed light using a standard 65 watt incandescent lamp with a CREE LR-6 LED insert that has a wattage of 12 watts, I simply plug in those bits of data as well as the hours per day of usage. This bit of info will tell me how much I can save over the course of a day, week, month and year.

Once I know my calculated savings and the cost of the LR-6 module I can determine the length of time it would take me to save enough on my electrical bill to offset the cost of the LR-6. This is my payback time. Of course, calculators like this can only give data based on today’s energy rate. As the cost of electricity rises, the payback time decreases.

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