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How much does it cost to leave the lights on?

Ever wonder how much it really cost you to leave the light on? If, like me, you want to know then here is a great energy expense calculator to help you figure out the answer to this question as well as what it really cost to run other common electrical…

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How much energy do lighting dimmers save?

Here is a short video discussing the how lighting dimmers can help save energy and as we all know, saving energy equals saving dollars on your electric bill!

Reduce energy costs with lighting dimmers and sensors

Another great way to reduce energy cost is with lighting dimmers. Lutron has released a whole line of eco-home dimmers, occupancy/vacancy sensors and timers. These energy saving products are designed with one thing in mind…..squeezing every bit of waste out of your home lighting needs. The eco dimmers are designed…

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My favorite LED lighting product

Man how I love saving money with LED lights. I still can’t believe we can now get so much light output from products that consume such small amounts of electricity. My favorite LED product is without a doubt the CREE LR6 6 inch recessed downlight.I’ve installed them in my own…

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