2nd Generation RAB Lpack LED Light Fixtures

RAB Lighting has released their 2nd generation LED Lpacks (wall packs.) These new fixtures emit 40 percent more light than the original Lpacks. RAB has also expanded their choices to include a 10 watt unit, a 13 watt unit and the 20 watt unit.

The 20 watt unit is capable of putting out light levels similar to a 175 Metal Halide lamp. If you factor in the ballast loss on a 175 watt Metal Halide the RAB Lpack uses roughly 1/10th the electricity while still giving the same amount of light. The RAB Lpacks have a rated lifespan of 50,000 and a 5 year warranty. In comparison, life span on a 175 Metal Halide lamp is somewhere around 18,000 hours.

I have three of the original generation Lpacks installed on my home. I have ten watt units on both sides of my garage door and a 20 watt unit on my back deck. I’ve really been impressed with these and am excited to see and install the 2nd generation lights.

These fixtures are so efficient that I often leave the two on my garage on all night for security purposes. It’s nice to know that the two units are only using a total of 20 watts of electricity.

Take a look here for more info on this product.

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